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Santa Maria ICE Meeting

Important Issue for Our Community

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May Santa Barbara Chamber Mixer

Speaking with Constituents at Fess Parker's Resort

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One-on-One show live with Jim Worthen

Video is now posted!

I was on the One-on-One show with Jim Worthen in Santa Barbara on Channel 17, Cox Cable this last Friday July 19, 2013. I hope you were able to catch it live, but if not, please...

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Paul Coyne for Congress 2014

Dear 24th District Voter:

Welcome to the Coyne for Congress website! I invite you to take some time to learn about my personal background, my positions on the key issues facing our nation, and my differences with 15-year incumbent Representative Lois Capps.

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Paul’s 60-day Action Agenda

Within sixty days of taking office, Paul will introduce or co-sponsor the following legislation, making these five items his Congressional priorities in his first term in office…

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Issues for the 24th District


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Randy Smith, Attorney at Law

I am so proud and grateful that someone of Paul Coyne’s character and honesty is interested in joining the U.S. congress!   We so desperately need energetic, caring and capable people like Paul. I have known Paul for over 25 years and can guarantee he will fight for you with the limitless energy of a bull; and, at the same time, I know he has the heart of a saint. Personally, I would feel much more secure if Paul were my congressman.

David Darga

I have known Mr. Coyne for over 20 years and I feel he would be an excellent representative of our community. As the owner of two business in Goleta I know Paul would fight for the best interests of each business owner and the community as a whole. He is very well informed on all the current issues and he can explain them in a manner that is easy to understand. He is the kind of candidate that I wish we had more of. As a life-long Republican, he is the first candidate from his party that I will vote for with enthusiasm and confidence. The changes he wants to make, make sense.

James Vaillancourt

Lois Capps is too old and should retire. You sound good but most bankers sound good and steal money. I’ll follow your campaign.

Larry Peacock

Dear Paul

You are in the wrong party my friend.  I too was a JFK democrat as was Ronald Reagan but the party has moved to the extreme left and I can no longer be a part of its ruinous policies.  JFK would be a republican today as am I.  I hope you win as a democrat and replace Capps.  The party needs you and like minded people to be a voice of fiscal sanity.

Larry Peacock, Paso Robles

Linda Smith

Paul and I have been friends since the 80’s when we were both in college. Some of my favorite memories from those days are of the massive Coyne family Christmas parties. Paul, his parents and his siblings opened their house to everyone they knew. It was crowded and warm and the very definition of holiday spirit. Family values are of the utmost importance to Paul. His dedication to his beliefs grows stronger as he prepares to send his own children out into the world. He is intelligent, hardworking and sensible. His opinions are thoughtful and passionate. It only makes sense that he would enter public service to do his part to help build a stronger America. I know that he’s ready to roll up his sleeves and that we can trust him to represent us fairly as the 24th District’s next Congressman.

Chuck Marquez

Having known Paul Coyne first as a business associate and now as a friend, I can tell you that he is always true to his beliefs and will follow through with his convictions. Paul leads with honesty, integrity and simplicity. Paul is, as in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “someone who will inspire us the be what we could be!”.

Chris Tillotson

I’ve known Paul Coyne for 35 years and heartily endorse his run for congress. Since our teen years continuing through to today Paul has been a trusted friend. I admire most his intelligence, pragmatism and humor. Paul is the right man for the job and I can think of no one better to bridge the gap between the left and right. Paul is a true independent thinker who will let the best ideas rule the day and not dogmatism from either side. He is a tireless worker, a powerful intellect, a proud and loving father and will make an excellent congressman for our district.

Matthew S. Hewett

Paul and I started at Union Bank around the same time. At our first branch manager meeting, I knew instantly that I liked Paul. The questions and concerns he brought up to our boss were spot on and down to the core. Unlike most of us that want to ask questions but don’t, Paul asked those tough questions and did it in a way that was compelling and informative for all of us. Paul is an easy going guy who is readily accessible and always ready to offer advice or help. Over the year, I have watched Paul and his team excel in all facets of the Bank through Paul’s leadership and hands on approach. I am proud that I have had the opportunity to get to know Paul and learn from a man with such a wide and diverse amount of knowledge. I am proud to call Paul Coyne my friend.

Matthew S. Hewett
Vice President / Manager
Stockdale Village

Marcos Alvaro

I am a Santa Barbara local, born and raised in our beautiful city. I met Paul about 8 years ago when we were both in the mortgage business. I couldn’t think of a nicer, more honest guy to run for congress!! Someone I can truly say I TRUST and believe in. A good family man with great morals and values… It’s time for a change and Paul has my support 100%!!

Jim Spink

Jim Spink

I have known Paul Coyne for nearly 35 years, and have seen him grow in our community; from his days as a Goleta student and Eagle Scout, his service in the military,  graduate studies at UCSB, businessman and resident of the North County, and current candidate for Congress.   Paul believes that a sound America is built on hard work, and that helping others is part of being an American.   I know him to be open-minded, fair, and able to work with people with opposing views – just the traits we need to help bridge the partisan divide which hinders government today.   I trust his broad judgment and leadership, and know he would make an excellent 24th District  Representative.